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If you're looking to hire a driveway cleaning company in Cheshire to wash your driveway - we can help!

Our industrial strength pressure washing equipment and powerful anti-fungal wash treatments make light work of restoring driveways back to their original condition.

We produce amazing driveway cleaning results time after time. Our customers in Cheshire are always amazed at the difference we can make to their outdoor space (just read our reviews!)

Driveway Cleaning

Block Paving

Cheshire Pressure specialises in cleaning, restoring and renovating block-paved driveways. Due to the cold and damp UK climate your block paving can become infested with moss, weeds, algae & lichen, which can only be removed with a pressure washer.

Block paved driveways need maintaining because weeds and dirt will always grow in the gaps over time.

Not only do the gaps fill with weeds over time the top surface of the driveway also gets covered in moss, algae and lichens and it start to look dirty and dull.

Our Block Paving Cleaning Process

We use multiple tools to clean your block paving, perhaps the most useful of all is the turbo nozzle, which is a small attachment to the jetwash which spins the water flow around 360 degrees allowing us to rip out weeds from deep between every crack.

To clean the dirt from the top surface of your driveway we use a rotary surface cleaner, skirt contains any over spray and directs the water flow more precisely to the surface that is being cleaned.

Depending on what we decide the best course of cleaning is for the surface, we also have a boiler on our system so can use hot water or steam to clean at a lower pressure if needed.

An anti-fungal wash is also applied to bring back colour to the blocks.

All debris collected from the cleaning process is collected and disposed of correctly. Areas affected by the pressure cleaning are also washed down to leave your house looking beautiful

Block Paving Re-Sanding

After pressure washing we re-sand all joints with kiln-dried sand. If you dont resand the blocks you may risk the blocks moving around which can cause damage to the driveway by becoming uneven as vehicles drive on and off it.

Pressure Washing

Resin Bound

Using resin for driveways is a relatively new concept. So not many companies have experience with cleaning this type of surface yet. Resin just like these other surfaces still needs some kind of maintenance program to keep it in good shape and to protect your initial investment

It is highly permeable (which means it shouldn't hold any water) so moss growth is reduced, but not entirely stopped.

However, it can develop surface mould and algae which needs to be cleaned away to prolong the life of the surface and prevent it from becoming slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Resin bound driveway cleaning should be carried out by a professional, as the surface is not suitable for standard high pressure cleaning and requires specialist equipment.

We first pre-treat the surface with a biocide (within safety guidelines) to gently break down any organic growth. Once the treatment has had time to work its magic, we can come back to clean it all away with a low pressure washer to finish the job.

Pressure Washing

Imprinted Concrete

This is, in our opinion, the best driveway to choose with regards to maintenance.

Yes, it requires cleaning and resealing. But it will stay looking clean all year round, with no weeds or moss able to grow. And you only need a simple garden hose to rinse off any dirt.

We offer pattern imprinted concrete driveway cleaning and high quality sealing during the summer months, which means with ongoing, but minimal, maintenance your drive will stay great for another three to four years.

Pressure Washing


Tarmac is a popular choice for driveways, it looks smooth and jet black when first laid but will inevitably fade to gray over time.

And when moisture filters through it's porous surface, moss and algae will grow in any shaded areas.

If you're unfortunate enough to have an oil leak on your drive, the oil-based tarmac means it's almost impossible to remove the oil stain without also removing some of the colour of the tarmac, the same can happen with paint, mortar and render.

But don't worry - this is where we can help!

We can clean all moss and dirt from your driveway, and recolour your tarmac drive to restore it to its former glory.

Once we've finished cleaning and recolouring we apply an anti-fungal treatment to prevent the regrowth of moss and algae. Good as new!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Five Star Reputation
  • High Standards
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast, Friendly and Reliable
  • Professional Tools
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  • Fully Insured Upto £1.5m
  • No Job Too Big...or Small
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