Sealing & Recolouring

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Sealing & Recolouring

Professional Sealing & Recolouring Services for Block Paving, Tarmac, Imprinted Concrete & Natural Stone Surfaces - Fantastic Results at Amazing Prices!

If you're looking to hire a company in Cheshire to seal and recolour your driveway, patio or communal srea - we can help!

We're fully equipped with the very best pressure cleaning equipment and materials to help ensure complete customer satisfaction on any project.

We can help provide long lasting protection for a wide variety of hard surfaces such as block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, natural stone and roofs.

We produce amazing results time after time. Our customers in Cheshire are always amazed at the difference we can make to their outdoor space (just read our reviews!)


Block Paving

If you are looking for a reliable and professional contractor who can clean and seal your block paving, we can certainly help.

We offer a professional block paving cleaning and sealing service for homeowners and commercial customers throughout Cheshire and surrounding areas.

The process for cleaning and sealing block paving is best done in stages.

Firstly, any oil stains are pre-treated with oil remover and any moss growing on the blocks is treated with a potent anti-fungicide wash.


When the pre-treatments have taken effect the block paving is cleaned using a high powered pressure cleaner.

The block paving is then left to dry for 3-5 days to ensure the surface is completely free of moisture prior to re-sanding with kiln dried sand and sealing with two coats of block paving sealer.

We then apply the sealer carefully by roller or sprayer.

Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete is a very hardwearing surface, used extensively across the UK for the construction of driveways and patios.

There are also many commercial premises that have areas laid with imprinted concrete.

Although the concrete is very durable, it does require ongoing maintenance and this may involve re-sealing and possibly re-colouring the concrete every few years.


We provide professional restoration of any imprinted concrete cleaning, sealing and restoring the original colour, if necessary, for all types of imprinted concrete surfaces.

Any cracks that need repairing can be filled in with a crack repair compound. This is a cement and mortar mix with colour hardener to ensure any large crack in the surface of imprinted concrete is filled and less visible than before.

The sealers we use com in three finishes; gloss, silk and matt. If necessary, we can also mix an anti-slip additive in with the concrete sealer to make the concrete surface less slippery once sealed.


Tarmac is one of the most commonly seen surfaces in the UK because it is relatively cheap to lay compared to imprinted concrete and block paving. It is used for domestic driveways and also for many commercial surfaces such as car parks, school playgrounds and tennis courts.

Any tarmac surface will dry out over time with constant exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. Frost can also result in cracks appearing in places due to the expansion and contraction of the surface. Our registered agents can repair pot-holes and cracks in tarmac using our cold lay repair material and our crack repair compound for tarmac and concrete surfaces.


We have built up a nationwide network of professional local agents who can pressure clean, seal and restore all types of tarmac and asphalt surfaces. They all use Tarmaseal™, our proven tarmac restorer, that can transform the look and appearance of any 'tired' looking tarmac surface for the better.

Our tarmac restoration services include:-

  • Pressure washing tarmac
  • Repairs to tarmac
  • Oil spill & stain removal
  • Moss & algae removal
  • Colour coating of tarmac (black, red or green)
  • Tarmac sealing

Natural Stone

There are a wide range of patios across the UK as well as many large commercial patios that need maintenance on a regular basis, such as those found at golf clubs and hotels.

Most patio surfaces are laid with porous materials that may look great when first put down, but quickly start to look dirty if not looked after.

Natural stone in particular are very porous surfaces which will soon go green in damp weather conditions, due to algae and moss growth.



Weeds will also spread quickly in the joints of your paving if the jointing has become cracked and damaged, and the only way of stopping this is to have the surface coated with a protective patio sealer.

We have built up a reputable network of local registered patio cleaning contractors who can clean and seal all types of patio surfaces as listed below:

  • Paving Slabs & Flagstones
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Other Natural Stone (Limestone, Travertine etc)
  • Crazy paving & York Stone


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  • Five Star Reputation
  • High Standards
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast, Friendly and Reliable
  • Professional Tools
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  • Fully Insured Upto £1.5m
  • No Job Too Big...or Small
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