Graffiti Removal

  • 100% success rate on all surfaces
  • Anti-graffiti coating specialists
  • Zero damage to surface or surrounding areas
  • Safe, non-toxic solutions

One tag leads to another…

Graffiti has long been a part of the social fabric in urban society. Despite occasional pieces which may be deemed as street art, most instances of graffiti are often simplistic tags which offer disputed aesthetic benefits. Illegal graffiti create a negative impact in an area.

Graffiti can often stigmatize a neighborhood or community through being labelled as a low socio-economic area. Most of the graffiti starts from one tag. When graffiti are left for too long it encourages further graffiti leading to reductions in property values.

Cheshire Pressure provide a phenomenal, professional and cost effective graffiti removal service in Cheshire. We do not cover it, we remove graffiti paint using latest generation and eco friendly equipment and solutions to remove graffiti from any type of surface. Our graffiti removal team is trained to provide the best graffiti removal service in Cheshire and a phenomenal customer experience.

Many people prefer to cover the graffiti with paint because they found this to be a cheap way to remove graffiti from the public eye. In reality, in the longer term, is not cost effective at all for several reasons; some of the graffiti will show through over time, the paint will peel off and change the appearance of the property and impregnate the graffiti paint more inside the surface. Therefore, you will spend more money in this way than contacting a professional graffiti removal team - Not only to remove graffiti but also to help you protect the surface from further vandalism.

Due to our expertise and training, we will remove graffiti from brick, concrete and other exterior surfaces in a cost effective and painless manner.

When you discover that someone has left graffiti on your building, do not wait to act. Contact us for our graffiti removal services. The longer that you leave the graffiti on the surface, the harder it will be to remove it. But even if you have left the graffiti in place for some time, have no fear Cheshire Pressure is here.

Nowadays you can find many different products for graffiti removal in DIY shops or online. Truly, you may not know what you’re getting and you will just end up spending more money and time than is necessary and end up creating more damage to the brick. In contacting a professional graffiti removal company such as Cheshire Pressure, you can ensure that we will use the best product and method, whether for brick cleaning, stone cleaning, paint removal or graffiti removal. We have tested many products over the years and you can be assure that we will get it right.

Cheshire Pressure is a professional graffiti removal company that knows exactly how to tackle graffiti without damaging the surface and in so doing use best and most eco – friendly products.


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